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O'Brien's Tree Service is a second generation family owned and operated tree business founded over thirty years ago by Tom O'Brien and his brothers, servicing Montgomery County and Bucks County, Pa. Today, O'Brien's is operated and managed by Tom and his (favorite) daughter Jennifer.

Welcome To O'Brien Family Tree Service

We are dedicated to excellence in tree care practices and customer satisfaction by educating our customers. You will learn the most natural pruning methods for your trees to promote long life and lasting beauty. We take our work personally and treat every customer's property as if it were our own.

  • Our Bucks County, Pa service areas include:
  • Newtown, Pa
  • Richboro, Pa
  • Bensalem, Pa
  • Langhorne, Pa
  • Trevose, Pa
  • Southampton, Pa
  • Churchville, Pa
  • Ivyland, Pa
  • Doylestown, Pa
  • Huntingdon Valley, Pa
  • New Hope, Pa
  • Yardley, Pa
  • Washington Crossing, Pa

Tree Services


Tree Removal

The removal of one or more trees on your property. When you hire O'Brien Family Tree Service to take down a tree in your yard, you can rest assured that it will be done in a professional, safe, and timely manner. The job site will always be left just as neatly as it was found.

Crane Services & Land Clearing

We employ cranes to remove large trees, as well as to safely remove trees from hard to reach or critical areas around your property.

The removal of many trees or shrubs on your property to increase the size and feel of your yard or to make room for an addition.

Stump Grinding

The final step in the removal of your tree. We will efficiently grind your stump well below grade. Once the stump has been ground out, the mulch that is produced is then raked back into the hole to create a mound. The mound will settle back into the ground over time, (this can take a few years). If you plan to plant another tree or shrub near by, you will have to have these grindings removed. This service is not included in the price of the stump grinding.


  • Pruning and thinning are methods to "clean" the look of a tree, instead of removing it. Reasons to choose pruneing include:


A limited service we provide, on a first come, first served basis. Please contact us for current firewood prices and to check availability.

Styling & Hedging

The gradual pruning of snow ball bushes and spirals, done with snips or sheers. For best results styling should be done annually.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Have questions? Check here first for quick answers to common questions!

No, by default, just like other tree companies, we clean up and rake the clippings into a neat pile where the stump was.

If you wish the grindings removed, that can be done for an added fee, in addition to the original grinding fee.

Of course! At your request, we will cut the logs to approximately 18" length sections, and leave them where the tree was felled. Branches and other small sections of the tree will still be put through our grinder as they take to long to clean and cut, and are typically not used for the same purposes as the logs.

No, we do not sell or plant new trees or shrubs. We specialize in the services of cleaning, trimming, pruning, and clearing trees and other vegetation, and recommend you use someone who specializes in planting and growing if that is your goal. We are happy to direct you to a landscaper we recommend if that is a need of your job!

Topping involves heading branches to random stubs or small lateral branches rather than to a main branch or to the trunk of the tree. The problems topping causes are numerous: decaying stubs, sunburn from lack of leaves, water sprouts instead of healthy new growth, and stress from the loss of so much tissue. Heading cuts activate numerous latent buds. This results in multiple weak shoots growing below each cut. These shootsgrow quickly, therefore the tree soon needs pruning again.

You can improve topped trees by removing some of the water sprouts, but it will never be the same.

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